Winter is coming…

It was 12 degrees and snowy here in Castle Rock this morning, so gardening season is definitely over!


Luckily a few of the orchids in my greenhouse are in bloom and just about ready to be photographed. Here is what I have to work with this week.


A Nobile Dendrobium, clusters of flowers growing on thick stalks. Luckily there were still some buds that hadn’t yet bloomed when I photographed it, as it is pretty cluttered in full bloom.


This beauty is a Beallara, one of my favorite types to work with. My two year-old son crashed the photo in his fancy red overalls.


Lastly is the Banfieldara, with very photogenic spider-like blooms.

Looks like it’s time to head down to my studio and get to work. I’ll post an update in a day or two when I have some finished work ready to show. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a sneak peak from a new project I started. Titled “Junior”, it will be a series of informal portraits of my son CJ (he’d never sit still for formal ones).


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